• All Customs Clearance entries are handled in-house using the latest integrated software systems.
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  • Our in-house operation provides clients with total ‘peace of mind’ and exceptional value for money
  • Clients who have their freight and Customs clearances combined with De-Polar Resources and Logistics, enjoy smoother transits through international border controls
  • All customs formalities are handled including (but not limited to) Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), Inward Processing Relief (IPR), Outward Processing Relief (OPR), Temporary import/exports, warehouse entries; WA returns (Intrastate), Vehicle /Gateway / Courier / Trader and personal clearances; Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) applications, including bespoke customs clearance solutions.
  • Our clients have access to a specialist 24/7 service, meaning you can ask us a question any time of day.
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CUSTOMS CLEARANCE FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

For any goods which are entering the EU (European Union) from a Non EU country, a formal import customs declaration must be made. This is so that HM Revenue & Customs can ensure the correct payment of any import Duty and/or import VAT is collected from the importer at the time of importation. As well as collecting duties & taxes, by a customs entry being made, enables HM Revenue & Customs to undertake documentary checks on shipping paperwork and also to ensure that any EU requirements on product compliance is met.

FPF Global can act as your customs clearance agent to oversee the clearance of your imported goods. We work in partnership with the importer of the goods, as well as HM Revenue & Customs and other government departments, whom may have an interest in the imported goods. As a professional company, we understand that the process of customs clearance can be complex and time consuming, especially if your shipment is selected for documentary checks, examination or X-ray. Coordination of these different factors, takes time, so by us acting as your customs clearance agent, removes this hassle.

Thanks to advancement in technology and also strategic partnerships in place with like minded businesses, we are able to arrange the customs clearance of your import cargo at most UK airports and seaports. We are most frequently handling the customs clearance of import shipments at; Felixstowe, Southampton, London Gateway, Liverpool, Grangemouth, Dover, Tilbury, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester & Glasgow.

There is not a set period of time that a shipment will take to be confirmed as customs cleared. Sometimes import cargo may be subject to delay, due to numerous reasons, including documentation and examination checks.

Yes, in order to make a formal customs import entry, there is mandatory documentation that the importer will need to provide to our company. Without this, FPF Global will be unable to arrange your customs clearance. As a rule of thumb, the following documents will be required;

At the time of writing, the standard rate of VAT in the United Kingdom is 20.0% and Duty rates vary. Depending on the type of products and their origin, will affect the level of import duty that is payable.

We are often asked “How much Duty and VAT will I have to pay?” but without the importer really understanding the factors involved in reaching these figures. Any products that are imported into the UK/EU are classified according to the type of product, its use, the materials it’s made of etc. Each commodity code will have a different level of Duty associated to it. As you can imagine, there are thousands and thousands of commodity codes, therefore we would encourage an importer who is unsure of the commodity code(s) of their product(s), to find out by searching online for the Government Trade Tariff http://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff. We would remind import clients, that it is their responsibility to classify the products they are importing. So if they are unsure, it is essential to check.

FPF Global will provide you with the total amount due to HM Revenue & Customs, broken down into a total of Import Duty and a total of Import VAT. Payment of this must be made immediately, as your goods will not be customs cleared until the funds reach HM Revenue & Customs. Payment of the import Duty and/or import VAT, can be paid directly to HM Revenue & Customs by the importer. Or if the importer prefers, they can pay to FPF Global and then we will pay over to HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

Upon receiving confirmation that your goods have customs cleared, the goods are then in Free Circulation can be be transported not only within the UK, but also within the European Union without any further customs restrictions. FPF Global can assist you with the onward delivery of your goods, arranging collection from the airport or seaport on your behalf. Likewise, if you have shipped your goods with FPF Global, then we will automatically be arranging delivery to your nominated address, once customs clearance has been made.